1. Do your products have cholesterol?
    No, all of our hemp feed products are cholesterol free. What's more, all of our products contain plant Sterols which help to reduce cholesterol.
  2. Why do you sell 4 different hemp products?
    Each product provides different nutritional benefits. Hemp Oil adds only fats (primarily unsaturated fats). Fibre plus, Protein Plus and Protein Bites add ratios of Protein, Fibre and Fats (as well as other vitamins, minerals, etc.) so that you can use any product or combination of products to tailor the supplement to your horse's needs for optimal health and performance.
  3. Why is Hemp Oil's Omega 6 to 3 ratio important?
    Omega 3s and Omega 6s are both Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) that your body needs. In the correct ratio, they provide nutrition, energy, and numerous health benefits. Those benefits are optimal when the ratio is optimal. If the Omega 6s are too high in comparison to the Omega 3s, many of the health benefits can be reduced or lost.
  4. Do your hemp feeds contain THC?
    All of our hemp products are 0% THC.
  5. Could my horse test positive for THC?
    No, your horse will not trigger a false positive test result.
  6. How is hemp protein different from other proteins?
    Hemp contains more protein than most other plant based sources. It is a complete protein consisting of 20 Amino Acids, and it is 90% digestible, making it one of the most digestible proteins available. This combination makes hemp protein superior to most other proteins.
  7. Why use FIBRE PLUS?
    High starch diets are known to cause Gastric Ulcers, Hind-Gut Acidosis, Laminitis and Colic. Fibre Plus is low in starch, high in Oil and Fibre offering high nutritional value while maintaining gut health integrity, and may reduce the need for high starch grains.
  8. Do you use chemicals or preservatives to improve shelf life?
    No, all of our hemp products have vitamin E and numerous antioxidants that act as natural preservatives, and provide additional nutritional benefits to your horse.